Happy Birthday to Me


It’s not New York, but baby its all I got.

January 10, Second day of blog and 42 years old.

The morning started off delectably being served a latte and handmade card while still in bed.

The snow is piling up outside and the scene is a monochromatic white and grey.

I received a lovely gift from my mother in law, It came wrapped in a Montreal Beaux Museum of Arts bag tied with a black ribbon, inside a gorgeous vintage stretch bracelet of vintage rhinestones that is quite small, sophisticated and lovely.

Also a vintage Hermes scarf! Well she is not sure if it is authentic but it looks great to me. Reminding me of our trip to Montreal and the incomparable Pierre at the Hermes counter~

I will finish up and photograph a green silk brocade overbust corset that looks lovely and then decide how to meander through my special day.

Cranbrook offers Winners for shopping, SuperStore or thrift.

I believe I will pursue the latter and perhaps a stop at the library for good measure.


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